Article Section/Topic Change Comment
5.3 Internal Mail Service Provides for FUSA access to College e-mail system for faculty communication purposes.  
5.3   Provides continued access to e-mail address for non-retired faculty for 12 months via email forwarding service.  
6.6 Vacancies/Transfers New language provides faculty with opportunity to request transfer anytime during job postings, with a minimum posting of five at least business days. Current language requires faculty to request transfer by February 1 for Fall Term and October 1 for Spring Term.
6.9 Royalties, Copyrights and Patents Limits faculty from accepting certain royalties or other compensation from textbook adoptions where faculty contribution is not "substantial" and the faculty member was not an original author of the existing text.  
6.16 Tenure process Provides for faculty member to elect whether to count full-time temporary year towards tenure. Faculty members may elect to apply for tenure in either third or fourth year of continuous full-time employment. Moves deadline dates to provide earlier notification to tenure candidates. Requires Campus President to notify candidate by February 20 of intent to NOT renew. Provides timely notification to FUSA of tenure recommendations.  
6.16 D.1 Production of portfolio Provides for mandatory joint HCC-FUSA training of tenure committee members.  
6.16 D.3 Tenure timeline Streamlined and clarified timetable provides for earlier notifications to tenure candidates.  
6.17 Professional Development and Rank Changes to rank requirements, streamlined process for requesting rank increase. Current language does not permit Professor title for Masters only faculty members.
6.18 Selection of new faculty Provides for dean to be a non-voting member of screening committee. Requires screening committee members to be from the discipline, or cluster if none are available from the discipline. Current language permits "from the discipline or area" without regard to availability of faculty in the discipline.
6.18 C. Selection of new faculty recruiting team Deleted entire section. Section was never implemented.
6.20 Enhancement of Professional Skills Increased per credit payment to $250 per graduate hour from $200 and increases budgeteed amount to $35,000 from $30,000.  
6.21 Committees Provides that chair of Academic Affairs Committee may be any tenured faculty member. Currently limited to "instructional faculty"
6.23 Retired Faculty Members Changes "may have privileges" to "shall have privileges" and includes "checkout library materials" and retired faculty can retain e-mail for 12 months after retirement. Currently full-time faculty members are not allowed to checkout library materials and lose e-mail upon retirement.
8.1 A.1.e. overload office hours insert "by appointment" between "available" and "for one additional office hour" Ambiguous language has been interpreted by some deans as requiring schedule/posted office hours instead of availability by appointment.
8.1 D.1 Full-time temporary year towards tenure Permits full-time temporary service to be counted toward tenure "at the discretion of the tenure candidate". Currently one-year of full-time temporary service must be counted toward tenure even if faculty member was not aware that position might become permanent.
8.1 G Faculty members accepting an administrative position Permits faculty member temporarily assigned to an administrative position to retain tenure for up to four (4) years. Currently limited to only two (2) years.
8.2 B.8. Independent Study Defined independent study consistent with recent Academic Affairs Committee defintion. Current contract did not define independent study.
8.2 C.8. Independent Study Assigns point value to independent study courses for pay purposes. This was in Article 14.
8.2 C.1.b. Distance Learning changed VPIT title to Director of Academic Technology  
8.4 Instructional faculty overloads Extends full-time faculty overload priority over adjuncts to include non-tenured faculty for 60 points each Fall and Spring Term and 180 points in Summer Term across all campuses. Provides full-time tenured faculty priority over non-tenured faculty members for 60 points each Fall, Spring, and Summer Term across all campuses. Current language only gave tenured faculty "bumping" rights over adjuncts.
8.6 H adjunct office hours insert "by appointment" between "available" and "for student consultations" Ambiguous language has been interpreted by some deans as requiring schedule/posted office hours instead of availability by appointment.
8.16 Class Disruption Clarified language to require disruptive students to meet with Academic Dean and faculty member prior to returning to class.  
8.22 HCC Salary Checks Requires supplemental payment of salary within two (2) business days when an UNDERpayment is $250 or more. Technical correction to change "22" pay day option to "19" pays. Sometimes pay errors were not corrected until the next regular pay day.
9.1 Performance evaluation of faculty Consolidates goal-setting, self-assessment, faculty development report, and performance evaluation by dean documents into a single form and streamlines process. Provides for a pilot program during which process can move to an electronic system eliminating redundant, paper forms.  
9.1 C. Evaluation Provides mechanism for evaluation of faculty by students in online courses.  
9.2 non-tenured faculty graduate college courses Provides an option for the 90 development hours currently gained through graduate credit courses to be gained through internal faculty development courses as part of a pilot program.  
12.1 Sick leave Technical change to delete references to 10 and 1/2 month contract  
12.2 A. Worker's Comp for first 5 days delete provision for faculty member to sign over check starting at "provided that, to be eligible…"  
12.2 H. Worker's Comp maximum days change 12 days per year to 45 hours per year W/C coverage starts after the first week. If W/C leave exceeds 21 days, W/C is retroactive to day one.
12.7 Sabbatical leaves less than 1 year allows leaves less than one year with equal repayment of work Current language requires one-year of work after any sabbatical.
12.11 Military Leave Requires military leave to comply with USERRA, while retaining paid leave for the first 17 days of military leave per year.  
13.1 A.,B, Sick Leave Pool Committee Language referencing the Sick Leave Pool Committee has been deleted However, all language establishing the Pool and the criteria has not changed. Human Resources will now receive rquests and verify their compliance with the criteria. The committee functions to make certain requests for pooled leave meet the criteria. A committee is not needed as long as the contract still controls the criteria.
13.8 401(a) Account delete last sentence in favor of IRS rules and regulations  
14.6 Independent study removes this paragraph and adds definition as 8.2.B.8 and value as 8.2C.8