United Faculty of Florida - Hillsborough Community College

Faculty Committees 2015-2016

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Academic Affairs (meets the third Friday of every month)

Academic Restructuring Committee

Academic Standards (meets the second Friday of every month)

Calendar (meets annually)

Faculty Credentials (meets once per year or as needed)

FITC - Faculty Instructional Technology Committee (meets the first Friday of every month)

General Education (meets once per year or as needed)

Global Education (meets the fourth Friday of every month)

Graduation (meets three to four times per year)

Insurance (meets as needed)

Professional Development (meets two-three times per year)

QEP Committee

Sabbatical Leave (meets annually/as needed)

Student Activity/Service Fee Budget (meets two to three times per year)

Student Success, Retention, and Placement (meets the third Friday of every month)

Tenure (meets annually)