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The Faculty United Service Association is the professional association representing the faculty of Hillsborough Community College. FUSA is a chapter of the United Faculty of Florida - the higher education local of the Florida Education Association - which represents faculty at eight community colleges, all eleven state universities, three independent colleges, and graduate assistants at three state universities.


Important News and Dates

FUSA Elections Spring 2015

Dear Colleagues:

Ballots for electing senators for UFF and  FUSA representatives for your campus should be in your mailboxes shortly. Please remember to follow the directions sent with the ballots, or your vote will not count:

Mark the ballot.
Place the ballot inside of the small unmarked envelope and seal.
Place the small sealed envelope in the larger envelope and seal.
Sign your name across the flap of the larger envelope, and print your name under it.
Place in campus mail to Cheri Borman at Ybor so that she receives it by April 8, 2015, the date when the elections will close.

Thank you.

Maribeth L. Mobley
Maribeth L. Mobley, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Faculty United Service Association (FUSA) President

October 2014 FUSA Informant Newsletter (pdf format)

FUSA Officers 2013-3014

President: Maribeth Mobley
Vice President: Robert Yanez
Treasurer: Sheryl Sippel
Secretary: Barbara Smith-Palinkas
Grievance Chair
Bobbie Harris
FUSA Council
Brandon Representatives: Wendy Foley
John Hardin
Janet Sibol
Dale Mabry Representatives: Susan Pierce Amaral
Walt Ellis
Andrew Gold
Barry Hubbard
Elizabeth Key-Raimer
 Ken McCullough
Travis Meek
Sharon Moran

Sherry Sippel
Plant City Representatives: Teresa Galloway
Diorah Nelson
Ybor City Representatives: Cheri Borman
Rick Gaspar
Rich Senker
South Shore Representatives: Wendy Pagoda
Past FUSA President: Liana Fox
UFF Senators: Teresa Galloway
Peter Germroth
John Hardin
Elizabeth Key-Raimer
Michael Lopez
Ken McCullough
Vicki Vawter
Misty Vorder Bruegge
Robert Yanez

We can do together what you cannot do alone!

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