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The Faculty United Service Association is the professional association representing the faculty of Hillsborough Community College. FUSA is a chapter of the United Faculty of Florida - the higher education local of the Florida Education Association - which represents faculty at eight community colleges, all eleven state universities, three independent colleges, and graduate assistants at three state universities.

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FUSA Informant Sept. 2015 Newsletter (pdf)

Next FUSA meeting: October 23, at 9 a.m., DSSC 319.

FUSA Informant July 2015 Newsletter (pdf)

UFF-FUSA Faculty Salary Study and Economics Proposal
Presented during the FUSA bargaining session on Friday, February 27, 2015

2015-2016 FUSA Leadership (pdf)

Bargaining Update (8/3/15)


On February 27, the FUSA council and FUSA bargaining team presented the administration with a complete economics proposal. In addition, we had a meeting with Dr. Atwater and another one with one of the board members to further discuss our concerns.

On June 17, the FUSA bargaining team again met with the administration and no counter proposal or response to our economics proposal was brought to the table. Instead, the administration proposed the following contractual additions/modifications:

They requested the inclusion of language to address non-tenure contracts (which FUSA tabled). They requested universal (college-wide) textbook usage (which FUSA rejected). They presented a counter-proposal to a FUSA requested modification to the II+ language to allow faculty to use graduate hours beyond the Master's toward a promotion in rank (which FUSA agreed to) and several additional minor language modifications.

It is apparent that Dr. Atwater does not consider faculty salaries to be a priority or " a part of doing business" as he puts it. He continues to insist that salary increases be tied to enrollment and state-awarded budget increases. In short, HCC faculty enters another academic year with no salary increase.

FUSA and the administration have agreed to meet again in early September.



Maribeth L. Mobley
FUSA President


We can do together what you cannot do alone!

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